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We are happy to announce that Zeus and Athena had their first litter together! They have created 8 beautiful, healthy puppies - 3 girls and 5 boys. All puppies are doing great and have been dewormed and vaccinated. Our dogs stay at home with us and are very well socialized and at the early stages of potty training. We let everyone out in hour and a half - two hour intervals, at night they use almost exclusively wee pads. Puppies are free fed (Royal Canine German Shepherd puppy formula) between the hours of 6am to 9pm, during the night we take the food away to eliminate night time accidents. We are also working on curbing the biting/jumping tendencies that young puppies have and can give you advise on how to continue the training. We love our dogs and hope to find a good forever home for everyone of our puppies. Please remember that German Shepherd dogs are working dogs and require ample amount of exercise and good leadership. All puppies have different temperaments - please ask and we will gladly share the information. More pictures and videos on our Facebook page - Athena McQueen

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