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  • Aussies with Tails

    Member since: 08/31/2016

    Breed(s): Australian Shepherd, Miniature Australian Shepherd
    Location: USA
    Services: Stud Services Available

    Australian Shepherd and Mini Australian Shepherds combined together in beauty and health. Should matured to about 40 pounds, more or less. Never tail docking, (that should be illegal) they will always have their natural tails and not be stressed or traumatized in their early development. I feed only the best fish food and vegetables. Their coats are shiny and their digestion is extremely healthy. I supplement with breeders vitamins and minerals and they love to snack on healthy fresh veggies, fruits and all sorts of healthy things that are good for dogs. With their natural tails, Aussies are even more athletic and kind. These are active and snuggly dogs. They love humans and other animals. My dogs love all sorts of activity including agility, swimming and just general family fun.

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    Australian Shepherd Aussie MiniAustralian Shepherdminiature Australian Shepherd
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