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Breeder Name: Lucas
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At Farm Dog Frenchies, we are passionate about French Bulldogs and creating a breed standard for generations to come. After falling in love with Mabel, our first Frenchie, we hoped to share our memories with her to others. Our primary focus is creating a French Bulldog that represents decades of family dedication and loyalty, as well as specific physical attributes. This breed is known for their loyalty and gentleness with children; they do this earnestly and with humor, which sets them apart from others. While our dedication to breed standards may be similar to some, our focus on temperament and color palate differentiates us among breeders. In our breeding practices, we utilize the most recent findings in genetics to ensure that our pups have many breeding possibilities outlined in genetic testing. Most importantly, our dogs are raised with the idea of becoming members of a family. From their first days, they are integrated into the daily routines of the kennel: cuddling with our children, romping with their brothers and sisters in the fields, and practicing walking on a leash. We hope to establish the same routines that you will continue as owners. Our bottom line is that we hope to breed the Frenchies we would want to have as our own.

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